Advantages of Purchasing a Pre-Owned Vehicle at Yorkdale Ford


Cars sold from Yorkdale Ford go through rigorous quality control tests before being sold to provide peace of mind, knowing that the vehicle of interest is fit for the road and has passed several comprehensive tests that ensure safety.

Variety of Vehicles

Having a choice is a big factor in decision-making. Our dealership enables you to not settle on a particular make or model of the vehicle and allows you to test drive different cars to see suitability.

Financing Options

Purchasing a vehicle in Yorkdale Ford will enable you to have several different financial options available. A specific amount of cash on hand is not needed to drive away with your vehicle.

Warranty Options

Warranty is still available even if you purchase a used car vehicle at Yorkdale Ford Lincoln. With this, we provide peace of mind, for every used certified vehicle comes with a minimum of 3 months or 6,000kms warranty that can be upgraded.

Reputation & Reviews

Yorkdale Ford has been in the industry for years, producing high-quality services, resulting in satisfied and happy clients who would vouch for the friendly professionalism shown by our team.

Used Vehicle Inventory

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