2022 F-150 Limited Demo

Welcome to the Top of the Line, LIMITED.

Interior Work Surface

The Interior Work Surface is the perfect balance of productivity and practicality, allowing you to fold down a flat work surface from the centre console, and when not in use, it can be folded up into a bench seat. This is perfect for signing documents, reading papers, or sending a quick email.

22-inch polished aluminum wheels

Standard on the 2022 Ford F-150 Limited is a set of beautiful 22-inch polished aluminum wheels. These come wrapped in a set of comfortable and capable all-season tires. These wheels fill out the F-150 Limiteds’ wheel wells and add to its unique and luxurious styling.

Onboard Scale With Smart Hitch

Did you know that the F-150 Limited comes standard with Onboard Scale with Smart Hitch? Onboard scale and Smart Hitch uses a host of sensors to detect the compression of the suspension to acuratley calculate the weight of either the load in the bed, or the tounge weight of your trailer. This ensures that the driver can safley drive off with whatever cargo and trailer they may have, and will be notifiied if they are over the weight limit or need to rebalance their equipment.

This Demo is available now!