Walkaway coverage

How it works.

1 You buy a car from Yorkdale Ford Lincoln.

You get one year of COMPLIMENTARY WALKAWAY coverage… PLUS… We will also upgrade your coverage to BASIC WALKAWAY for the full term and give you options to extend your coverage for even more benefits.

2 Something unexpected happens.

You get sick, have an accident, become unemployed or experience another life-changing event and can no longer make your loan or lease payments on your car.

3 You return your car without penalty.

Depending on your coverage†, you can: Return your car without penalty or damaging your credit rating. Keep your car while WALKAWAY covers your payments.

†Coverage ranges from $7,500 to $25,000.

Why you need it.

Unless you have a substantial down payment or equivalent valued trade-in, your car loan or lease is always greater than the value of your vehicle throughout most of your term. This can leave you vulnerable should you hit an unexpected rough patch and no longer be able to make your payments.

WALKAWAY covers the difference between your car’s value and what you owe the financial institution – up to $25,000. It lets you ‘walk away’ without any impact to your savings or credit rating.

Return the vehicle and WALKAWAY pays the difference.


“The process was seamless and very simple. Definitely the best $10 a month I have ever invested in.”
Dana from Burlington, Ontario
“Great product and great service! My coverage has helped my family get by our difficult time.”
Rick from Vancouver, British Columbia
“The payment relief allowed me to adjust to unemployment and relieve stress.”
Thomas from Gananoque, Ontario
“I am very pleased with the ease and efficiency of the claim process and will definitely purchase this coverage again.”
Mike from Middleton, Nova Scotia
“WALKAWAY turned my negative experience into a positive one. Thank you.”
Lisa from Halifax, Nova Scotia

What you get with WALKAWAY.

WALKAWAY gives you options.

We know everyone’s needs are different. That’s why we have several plan options available. Compare features to find the plan that best meets your specific needs.

1Loss of Licence for Age or Medical reasons only. 2Mental and physical disability. 3Physical disability only. 4International Job Transfer is not available in the province of Alberta. 5Accidental Death is not available in the province of British Columbia. 6Self Employed Bankruptcy is not available in the province of Saskatchewan. All full-term protection products are available on terms up to 96 months. This represents a summary of coverages and does not form a part of the certificate of insurance. Employment related coverages (excluding disability) begin on the 91st day. Please consult your certificate of insurance for complete details regarding how you qualify. Copyright © 2016, under licence to Insurance Insight Inc. All rights reserved, unauthorized use, reproduction, or disclosure is prohibited.


What are the 9 named Critical Illness covered by WALKAWAY?

 Critical Illness requiring Hospitalization are; Heart Failure, stroke, cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, or ALS.

A customer is 83 years old. What protection can he get?

Customers of all ages qualify for the complimentary; customer must be less than 80 years of age for any upgrade.

Can both the buyer and co-buyer secure their loan or lease with WALKAWAY?

Yes, each customer must purchase their own policy and two policies are generated by the Business Office.

What key words can I use in order to make an effective sales presentation during the turnover?

“Financial Flexibility” with “Freedom of Choice” is commonly used by Business Managers during the turn-over process. See the Resource Centre for “Strategy and Wordtrack” document.

When can a customer start their disability claim?

A customer can initiate a disability claim when they have been medically determined by a licensed physician (after the policy effective date), to be physically unable to perform the duties of their full time occupation for a period of 60 consecutive days and will be receiving ongoing medical treatment during the term of disability.

Why is there a 90 day waiting period for employment-related circumstances?

The 90 day period following the policy effective date is not a waiting period. WALKAWAY will not pay any employment related claims inside the first 90 days of any WALKAWAY policy. WALKAWAY will also not pay any employment related claim for anyone notified (publicly or internally) prior to or within the first 90 days of a policy effective date.

When should a sales person mention our vehicle return program?

From information gathered from many WALKAWAY retailers, the consistent answer among sales consultants who are comfortable with the WALKAWAY program is “early in the customer experience”.

Do you have any word tracks or vocabulary to suggest talking about WALKAWAY?

Yes, sales consultants commonly use “our unique vehicle return program” or “our loans and leases are structured with your financial flexibility in mind”. See the Resource Centre for “Strategy and Wordtrack” document.

Do all my customers qualify for this protection?

All customers who finance or lease a vehicle from your dealership minimally will get Complimentary coverage. Loans or leases in a company name don’t qualify.

Is WALKAWAY protection for used cars too?

WALKAWAY is available on all new and pre-owned finance or leases

For more information please visit: http://walkaway.ca/